Wisconsin Juvenile Crimes Lawyer – Young Offender Criminal Defense

According to a recent survey, men with criminal records account for a third of the nonworking men between the ages of 25-54. Even a minor criminal record can make finding employment or housing an insurmountable obstacle. Almost one in three Americans have some kind of criminal record – between 70 million and 100 million Americans.… Read More »

Milwaukee Burglary Suspect Charged

Theft crime charges can be serious. Charges may include shoplifting, property crimes and possession of stolen property. Those facing theft charges may be subject to possible jail time, hefty fines, and a permanent record of the offense, which could compromise finding future employment. A young Milwaukee man is facing burglary charges after police connected him… Read More »

Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Wisconsin

Many people face unexpected financial problems in their lifetimes. If you cannot repay your debts to creditors, you may have to consider filing for bankruptcy. Most bankruptcies filed in the U.S. are either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. The difference between the two generally boils down to your income, assets, debts and what you are… Read More »

Wisconsin Workplace Violence…Many Industries at Risk

Workplace violence is one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. Statistics show that approximately two million Americans are victims of workplace violence annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, retail, finance, food & hospitality, and healthcare industries have the highest incidence of violence on the job. In 2013 alone, violent crimes in the… Read More »

Slenderman Defendants Seek Move to Juvenile Court

Waukesha Wisconsin Juvenile Arrest Lawyers – Criminal Defense of Minors One of two Waukesha girls charged as an adult for the so-called ‘Slenderman’ attempted first-degree intentional homicide of a sixth-grade friend, has asked a judge to declare the law that required her to be charged as an adult unconstitutional and dismiss the case. Her attorneys… Read More »

Wisconsin Joint Versus Sole ‘Legal’ Child Custody

Legal custody grants the legal authority to make decisions about a child’s education, health and general upbringing. The parent with legal custody can make decisions such as where the child will attend school, what religion the child will practice, and the medical care he of she will receive. Major decisions might also cover matters such… Read More »

Dividing Property in Divorce

Wisconsin Property Division Law Wisconsin is a community property state, where property is considered equally owned by both spouses. In a divorce, most property can be divided. The categories of property may include: household items such as furniture, appliances or personal items such as jewelry; automobiles; life insurance; securities and investments; deferred compensation such as… Read More »

Accused of Sexual Assault on College Campus

In an earlier blog, we highlighted how sexual assault on college campuses has become a national issue and pressure on colleges and universities to respond is growing, despite their lack of adequate criminal justice resources. Many campuses have enacted new policies to address sexual assault on campus, however some feel the rules are “overwhelmingly stacked… Read More »

Senate Approves Repeal of Handgun Waiting Period

The state Senate approved a repeal of the state’s two-day waiting period for handgun purchases, sending the bill off to the Assembly. Current state law prohibits consumers from taking a handgun from the store until 48 hours after a background check is started – a period that may be extended three additional days under certain… Read More »